Behavioral Expectations and Routines

Welcome Students and Families!

Please see My Classes and Contact Information on the top right of your screen for general information about this class!

Please review the classroom expectations and routines below!  A great school year can start when we are all on the same page.

Primary Classroom Expectations

1. Raise your hand if you have a question…

…because all students need to be heard by the class when they speak.

2. Have only the class materials for this class on your desk…

…because for focus in this class, we need to have our materials and minds ready.

3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself…

…because it is important that we respect each other and focus on the class lesson when we work together.

4. Ask permission if you need to use the bathroom or get a drink of water.  Walk and don’t run in the hallways.  Always whisper if you are in the hallways with another classmate completing a lesson or going to another classroom…

…because you need the hall pass, and we need to know where you are.  If you are in the hallways between classes, it is important to be respectful of the other classes.

5. Be respectful of yourself and others with your language…

…because we are all here to learn together and we all contribute to the experience we have together.  Treat each other, yourself, and the teacher with respect.

Daily Classroom Routines

1. Come into class before the bell rings and start the warm-up on the board…

…because coming to class on time ensures that you don’t miss anything important about the day’s lesson.  The warm up will help us jump right into the day’s lesson topic.

2. There will always be an agenda on the board.  After the warm up, you will always have a chance to ask questions about what is planned for class today…

…because it is important that everyone in the classroom knows what is going to happen each day and that we go over this information together.  Ask questions, if you have them!

3. When it is time for discussion, please contribute at least one comment per week by raising your hand…

…because I want to know both what you think and if you understood my lesson.

4. Always attempt to complete in-class assignments in class.  If you need more time, let the teacher know.  All assignments go in your orange folders before class ends…

…because the more you accomplish in class, the less you will have to do later.  Also, if you have a question for me while you’re doing your work in class, you can ask me right away!

5. Always put all of your materials away and clean up after yourself before the end of class each day…

…because it’s important to clean up the desk and classroom for the next student.  We all want to come into a classroom that is clean and orderly.




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