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Welcome, Students and Families!  

You’ve found Ms. Gonsalves’s High School Literacy Groups webpage!

This term, my literacy groups will be focused on two things:

In my 9th grade ASB language arts class (A12), we will be reading short stories about bullying in schools, discussing what we read as a class, and writing responses to each story.

In my Structured Language Arts course (3rd period), we will be focused on learning about poetry and rhymes!  We will work on acrostic and concrete poetry forms, learning about the different spellings of rhyming words, and each student will create a poetry portfolio.  We will also be reading poems and sonnets by William Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, and Oregon poets!

If you have any questions, contact me by calling my office phone number below during school hours, or by emailing me:

Office Phone:  503-999-9999, ext. 99999



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